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 updated 10/21/16

I. *** Affiliation ***
 II. The Meaning of Bu and Budo
III. DVD / Video Library
IV. PAYPAL payment for dues



I. *** Affiliation ***


   It is with great pleasure to inform you that our dojo is now affiliated

with the United States Aikido Federation (USAF). This is something

 Nell and I have been working on since October 2012. It not only gives our school credibility but it also means that as you train and achieve rank, your rank will be registered with Aikikai Headquarters in Japan.That wherever you go and train, your rank will be recognized.


II. Dojo Video Library

  You may or may not know, but there is a Video/DVD library in the dojo. These are copies of some of the DVDs from my own collection. More will be added. These are by various Shihan in Aikido: Pat Hendricks Sensei, Koich Tohei Sensei, Terry Dobson Sensei, Brono Gonzalez Sensei, Stanley Pranin Sensei and others. There is only a sheet to sign-out the DVD and then sign-in when it's returned. I hope you enjoy them. If you see a technique, let me know and we can explore it during class.

III. Pay Pal

    For increased convenience you can now us the PayPal links below for payment of monthly fees.

Price shown reflects PayPal surcharge for the use of their payment system.

ADULT MONTHLY CLASS FEE (includes PayPal processing fee)
CHILD'S MONTHLY CLASS FEE (includes PayPal processing fee).
ADDITIONAL SIBLING MONTHLY FEE (includes PayPal processing fee).